In 1848, an eighteen-year-old named Heinrich Friedrich Dangberg embarked on a journey to America. After five years, he ventured out west and constructed a log cabin. With much diligence, he cleared and cultivated his land and later married Margaret Ferris, a member of a prominent American family.

Through sheer determination and exemplary guidance, he achieved prosperity and influence. As the years passed, the small cabin transformed into a grand house where Heinrich and Maggie raised their five children. Ultimately, these children inherited one of the largest ranches in western Nevada.

In 1902, the Dangberg family formed the Dangberg Land & Livestock Co., leading to a significant expansion of the ranch. Cattle, sheep, vegetable crops, and various other products flourished across the vast 50,000-acre property. In 1905, the family went on to establish the town of Minden, where they partnered with others to bring forth agricultural enterprises, banking institutions, and a hotel.

Today, the Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park stands as a testament to this captivating era in Nevada’s history. Once frequented by Nevada’s elite, the doors of the Dangberg Home Ranch are now open to all who wish to visit. Through four generations, the Dangberg family resided here, offering invaluable insights into the evolution of American ranching dynasties. Their remarkable collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents spans from the 19th century to 1990, revealing snapshots of daily life in Carson Valley and glimpses into the private lives of the family. We extend a warm invitation to everyone to pay a visit to the Home Ranch. Located at 1450 NV-SR 88, this public park, owned by the county, welcomes visitors every day from sunrise to sunset (overnight stays are prohibited).

Enjoy a picnic at the available tables and test your skill at the horseshoe pit (remember to bring your own horseshoes). While there is no entrance fee, a donation is kindly requested (simply leave your contribution in the magic-filled donation box). Please note that the park is enclosed by a privately-owned cattle ranch. To ensure access, please drive all the way to the gate of the signed public park and park your vehicle there. In case of inclement weather or other circumstances, the buildings may be closed without prior notice.

Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park
1450 Highway 88
Minden, NV 89423
(775) 783-9417

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