Embark on a journey to acquaint yourself with Nevada’s untamed aspect by taking on the trail system meandering through pristine scenery at the awe-inspiring 800-acre River Fork Ranch Preserve.

This luxuriant wetland, teeming with wet meadow habitats, allows visitors an extraordinary opportunity to explore the Carson River and gain insight into the vital environmental efforts undertaken by the Nevada Nature Conservancy. Start your adventure at the Whit Hall Interpretive Center, a platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified hub for educational activities, where you can familiarize yourself with the lay of the land.

From there, follow the interpretive signs that recount the preserve’s narrative, emphasizing a more sustainable way of life both within Carson Valley and beyond. Located at the heart of the Nevada Nature Conservancy’s community outreach and education endeavors along the Carson River, Whit Hall Interpretive Center offers ample parking before venturing onto the River Fork Ranch trails.

Whit Hall is closely enveloped by lush meadows and wetlands, with the east and west forks of the Carson River coursing through the vast expanse of River Fork Ranch. Through the Nevada Nature Conservancy’s dedicated efforts, this unique riparian habitat has been preserved, allowing vegetation to thrive, while also serving as a natural filtration system, preventing bank erosion, and providing a sanctuary for a diverse range of wildlife.

As both a nature preserve and a functional cattle ranch, River Fork Ranch’s wetland landscapes attract a plethora of avian species, including birds of prey, sandhill cranes, mule deer, and more.

River Fork Ranch Trailhead
399 Genoa Lane
Genoa, NV 89423
(775) 322-4990

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