We have a mission and you are part of the team.

The Vision:

As the caretakers of the planet earth, we should each make our positive contribution to the world and its inhabitants. We have decided to fight for and contribute to the lives and well-being of our four-legged friends in the equine family.  This includes donkeys, mules, and horses.

These wonderfully innocent and majestic creatures have served humanity since the beginning. Many humans do not value the gifts that they have given us and abuse, neglect, and then slaughter them for horrible reasons that are totally unjustified.

We have dedicated the rest of our lives to helping them, but beyond that, we want to build a lasting support system that will continue once our generation has passed.

Join us in building a bright future for mistreated and forgotten equines in the USA and around the world.

Virtually Adopt A Rescue:

When you virtually adopt a RESCUED donkey, mule or horse your support will buy food and medicine, pay for vets and farriers, as well as education and training. Most importantly of all, it rescues HELPLESS ANIMALS from hopeless situations.

By adopting a donkey, mule or horse for yourself, or sharing the joy by giving the gift of a rescue adoption to a loved one, you are doing something wonderful.

We have plans to save lives but we need your help.


We have been donated a free land use permit for our sanctuary. The land is south west of Goldfield, NV and is perfect for the rescues. It allows us to easily maintain and grow the sanctuary. We need your help to develop the land to add permanent fencing, water and power.

Main Shelter:

We have been donated a free land use permit for our sanctuary. The land is perfect for the rescues and allows us to easily maintain and grow the sanctuary. We need your help to build the main shelter for the sanctuary. Every dollar raised is appreciated. We also have legacy naming opportunities available.

Equine Veterinary & Education Center:

Many of the equines that we rescue have medical issues that need immediate attention. Currently, we must travel 3 hours to Las Vegas to visit the veterinary center. With over 90 rescues we need to have our own center to keep our animals healthy. Our goal is to not only provide medical care for our rescues but also provide educational & training opportunities for future equine vets.

Do you have what it takes to rehome a pair of donkeys, mules or horses? Equine are very sociable animals and make fantastic companions. In return they need your time, attention and resources to provide them with happy lives.

Join our incredible team of volunteers devoted to improving the lives of donkeys, mules and horses everywhere.

For more information on re-homing, volunteering, virtual adoption, or donating, please visit our website at www.Dragnass.org or call us at 702-530-1303.