The Mayer Family has a passion for wine and a dedication to quality that shines through in every aspect of our shop.  The shelves are adorned with an array of meticulously sourced wines, each bottle telling its own story of craftsmanship and terroir. From renowned wineries to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, our collection spans a diverse range of varietals and styles.

We take pride in forging lasting connections with our customers, ensuring that each visit is an educational and enjoyable experience.  We actively engage with the local community, hosting intimate tastings, wine pairing events, and educational workshops. We believe that wine is not just a beverage but a catalyst for fostering connections and celebrating life’s moments, both big and small.

When visiting Mayer Family Wines at, you will find great insight on both Brian and Paula Mayer in their own words about who they both are.

After 25 years in the food & beverage industry, and encouragement from my wonderful wife, we decided it was time to open our own business. It’s been a long road to get here with many professional ups and downs.
My first job was as a dishwasher at a truck-stop in high school, what a wild job choice that was! I worked my way to becoming a bartender, sommelier, beverage manager, and most recently General Manager for the Edgewood

Restaurant. I have curated multiple award winning wine lists from San Diego to Lake Tahoe. I have a deep passion for wine and can’t wait to share that passion with all of you!  Our goal to our guests is to provide a high level of hospitality and service, ensuring that we meet your needs and expectations at all times. I look forward to seeing you soon!  – Brian Mayer

When I was sixteen, I started a job at our local Chamber of Commerce answering phones and helping tourists obtain information about our area.  I grew to love tourism, and hospitality through this position. I attended the only University in Wisconsin to offer a Hospitality program and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management.

My internship brought me out to Lake Tahoe for the summer of 2007 where I fell in love with the entire area.  I went back to school in 2011 attending University of Nevada-Reno for my MBA with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.  I always wanted to own my own business.    

After Brian and I got married and had two daughters, we began focusing on the life we wanted to create.  We wanted the time and flexibility to focus on our family.  Mayer Family Wines was born, and we have been working diligently since June 2022 to open.  We are excited to share our dream, and get to know everyone who walks through our doors.  – Paula Mayer

Since I was a young child I had always loved to “host” my family and friends. If anyone wanted to sit down at my tea party they knew the conversation would always be about how I loved having them there and how I was going to make sure this was the best experience ever. Fast forward to my adult career and my 22+ years in hospitality I still searched for my dream. The dream to be able to immerse myself in the wine culture each and every day.

Starting out in the Food and Beverage world was only to help pay for college. I had wanted to become a teacher, but once I got bitten by the F&B bug I fell in love with the industry. In 2006 I took a Food and Wine pairing class at the local college and that was it for me, my eyes were opened so much for my future. Since then I have taken countless classes, seminars, and certifications in wine education.

Throughout the years I have met some wonderful co-workers and I am beyond thrilled to continue working with Brian in this adventure. We sat down one day for lunch and he asked “Would you want to be my General Manager for the wine shop”? My immediate response was “Absolutely!” I am looking forward to meeting our guests at Mayer Family Wines.  – Cari Schmitt